Learning to LiveJournal
fall in to chcolate

I'm currently wondering whether I shoud be treating my live journal more like a blog or as a journal.
If I do treat it like a journal then I fear that I won't have an awful lot to say (not like I have an audience or anything).
But if I treat it like a blog my posts will be short and (not likely) frequent.I

I suppose I should come up with an interesting next time I decide to post on here.
Maybe a song cover, prose or a picture (I'm not very talented)

I'll do my best to produce some readable content in the future.

Some old poetry of mine
fall in to chcolate
Marvellous Blue Eyes
(Based on outside observation)

Marvellous blue eyes
Charming smile
Slick hazel hair
Charming personality

He has everything
Ticked all the boxes

His blue eyes sparkle
Like the ocean
I see my self in its reflection
Among the waves

His smile
It melts me within
I sigh loudly
Eyes fixated

His smooth slick hair
Lies handsomely on his head
Perfectly proportioned
Just how I like it

Just one word
And I begin to dream
Drift of into my own world

Just being around him
Brings butterflies to my stomach
And they fly around

When he enters the room
My heart skips a beat
And I become sp, sp, speechless

But I don’t know if he feels the same way
What if I love him
But he doesn’t feel for me

Slowly he turns and winks at me
I collapse

Barbie Doll

Barbie toys and dolls in the closet,
You couldn't throw that away could you?
Such a perfect idealistic doll,
You would dress her in fine clothes
From special places
It was just a trip to Gap kids for me
To buy cheap clothes
On sale

She was perfect in every
Shape or form
With her long blonde hair
And thin figure
She was a model
I was an ugly brunette
Who was a sumo
In your words

She was an outgoing and popular person
Girls wanted to be her
Guys wanted to be with her
I was a loner
Girls mocked me
Boys avoided me

She was a princess to you
If you had one wish
You would probably want her as your daughter
And be rid of me
The imperfect spec in your fantasy world
Of perfection

I grab the scissors and take them to her hair
Grab a marker pen

What to post??
fall in to chcolate
According to the new update, accounts that have less than 2/2 or less (can't quite remember) journal posts will be considered inactive and probably be closed down. So I need to get a few more posts in to keep this account alive!!! Not that anyone cares or anything....
I'll probably post some of my old poetry, or put some creative prose in or something.
That or use this to shamelessly plug any youtube song cover vidoes I make, and then I'll pretend that people will notice and then fool myself into beleiving that I'm talented at something. It's partly true, I can sing, but copyright violation laws would probably prevent me from keeping the videos up. Or maybe they won't, it's hard to tell.

fall in to chcolate
Hi, I'm new to all this so, I don't know how to go about it.
I guess the best start would be an introduction.
I'm Chocolateydoom, not very creative, is it?
As can tell from my username and my icon, I love chocolate, infact, I love pretty much all sweet things.
I also love puppies, kittens and the colour blue. (you were probably expecting pink.)
I like drawing and I have a DeviantArt account, you're all welcome to visit my page (I doubt anyone would)
I also like anime, my favourite one so far is Hetalia.

I'm very busy with university assignments so I'll have to cut it off there. I'll continue this later.


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